Copy Editor/Copyediting, Editor/Editing, Proofreading

Copy Editor/Copyediting:

Copy editing is about ensuring a text is easy to understand. This may involve:

Correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.

Revising sentences for clarity or concision.

Looking for inconsistencies in tone, spelling, formatting, etc.

Checking that word choice is appropriate.

Making sure the document follows the client’s chosen style guide.

Editor/Editing Services:

•Conducts the first revision by preparing literary material for publication or public presentation.

•Rewrites, rewords, and rearranges sentences for clarity.

•Focuses on flow and movement of literary work to ensure ease of reading.

•Alters, adapts, or refines document to conform with a particular purpose. 

Proofreading Services:

After the proofreader is finished, the document is ready for publication. The final pair of eyes look at a project before it is published.

•Reads and marks corrections.

•Double-checks to make sure there are no grammatical and spelling errors.